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Building Hope for Autism Foundation (BHFAF) is a Kansas not-for-profit currently awaiting 501(c)(3) status. We hope to build a more inclusive community that accepts, supports and appreciates the strengths of individuals with autism from diagnosis through their adult lives. By providing services and financial support at key milestones, we believe we can help build hope for anyone living with autism.  


Our efforts will be focused on supporting families during diagnosis and again when their loved one “ages out”  of the public-school system. Diagnosis is often stressful and confusing for families. During this time BHFAF may offer financial support for education, therapy, medical expenses or simply serve as an empathetic ear. We will aid in bridging the gap between school and employment. We hope to expand our focus to also assisting with independent housing opportunities.


Initial funding for the foundation has been provided through the generosity of Quality Property Investments Company LLC-A joint venture between Befort Construction LLC and SP Property Investments LLC. A portion of profits from the sale of homes built under Quality Property Investments has provided initial funding for the Foundation and will provide ongoing financial support. For more information on the Foundation please visit us on Facebook @buildinghopeforautism and at  

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